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Position #: 187
OrganizationFairfield Gonzales Community Association
Position: POSTERING volunteer - Fall Fairfield
Location: 1330 Fairfield Rd, Victoria, BC, Canada
Description: We need you to help us get the word out about our upcoming event, Fall Fairfield.

Part of your duty would be to work with the volunteer coordinator and plan out a route through the neighbourhood to handbill a week prior to the festival.
Training Details: -Will be trained to use graphic design program & work with the volunteer coordinator to create handbills
-Work with the volunteer coordinator to use maps (provided) and research which neighbourhoods in the Fairfield/Gonzales neighbourhoods are the most affected by Fall Fairfield
-Recruit a team of volunteers to distribute handbills through planned route
Working Conditions: -Creating handbills using graphic design program
-Work with the event coordinator to print and organize handbills
-Create a handbill route with event coordinator using neighbourhood maps
-Lead a team of volunteers to distribute handbills around the Fairfield/Gonzales neighbourhoods one week prior to event (Sept 15)
Minimum Duration: 3 months or less
Timing: Anytime
Time Detail: Flexible time commitment. Work with volunteer coordinator to set hours
Special Event Start Date: 2017-09-23
Special Event End Date: 2017-09-24
Age: 16+
Ideal for: An Individual
Transportation: On a bus route
Accessibility: Accessible work space
Area(s) of Interest: Communication/Public Relations
Skill(s): Interpersonal Communication, Plan & Co-ordinate, Web Design, Motivate Others, Accountability
How to Apply
Application Link:
Website: http://www.fairfieldcommunity.ca
Email: Send an Email Message
Contact: Melissa Faye Reid
Phone: 250 382 4604
Address: 1330 Fairfield Rd. Victoria, V8S 5J1
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