Our Mission

Victoria Cool Aid Society
Working with our partners in the Capital Region, we offer life-changing services to adults who are impacted by poverty, colonization, stigma and homelessness. These services include permanent housing, emergency shelter, health and dental care, employment assistance, and social and recreational opportunities.

Available Positions

Program/Special Event
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Bakery Food Rescuer Cool Aid Society View Detail
Dining Room Support Rock Bay Landing View Detail
Therapy Animals with Therapy Human Partner Cool Aid Society View Detail
Baking Program Volunteer Baking Program Volunteer View Detail
Every Step Counts - Pace Lead   View Detail
Knitting/Crochet Volunteer Knitting/Crochet Volunteer View Detail
Program Support Volunteer REES - Program Support Volunteer View Detail
Rock Bay Landing - Harm Reduction Packing Rock Bay landing - Harm Reduction Supplies View Detail
Hairstylist/Barber Cool Aid Society View Detail
Board Director   View Detail
Bingo Program Volunteer Bingo Program Volunteer View Detail
Hygiene and Clothing Volunteers Rock Bay Landing - Hygiene and Clothing View Detail
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