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About the Position
Position # 3964
OrganizationWear2Start Society
Position Treasurer/Director Board Position
Location 733 Johnson Street, Victoria, BC, Canada
Impact Statement The Wear2Start Society helps women overcome barriers to success. We provide suitable clothing, shoes and accessories, as well as coordinating services such as haircuts and bra fittings for self-identified women who require assistance in obtaining clothing suitable for work, school and life.  Clients come to the Boutique for a private personalized experience and are assisted by Consultants to create a suitable wardrobe, from donations that have been carefully selected.

Clients can access our services in two way- by agencies that provide job training, skills development and job re-entry services for women of all ages and backgrounds OR though a nomination process, which can be done by others or by nominating herself.
Description We are looking for a dedicated CPA to join our volunteer Board of Directors.  The Treasurer will oversee the financial
matters of the charity while working with the Program Manager and reporting
to the Board of Directors. Time commitments include attendance at monthly
Board and sub-committee meetings as well as book-keeping and accounting
duties as required.
Directors are appointed for two years. Terms are renewable twice, for a
maximum of 6 years of service.
Duties and Responsibilities
COVID-19 Vaccination Required Yes
Training Details Training will be provided by the incumbent Treasurer and the Program
Manager.  Both will be available for consultation and assistance.
Working Conditions Working Conditions
Primarily remote, flexible hours.  In addition, the Board meets in-person/hybrid

Hours per month
Approximately 7 – 10 hours/month.  Transactions occur throughout the month
and can generally be paid electronically.

The Treasurer is a Director of the organization and participates in the general
responsibilities of Board members.  In addition, the Treasurer is responsible
for and advises the Board on financial and budget matters.
Section 40 of the Bylaws states:
The treasurer must do the following:
(a) receive and bank monies collected from the members and other sources;
(b) keep accounting records in respect of the Society’s financial transactions;
(c) prepare the Society’s financial statements:
(i) monthly financial statements to the board of directors; and
(ii) annual financial statements according to Generally Accepted
Accounting Principles.
(d) file annual reports of the Society and make any other filings with the
registrar under the Act. 
In addition, the Treasurer will be responsible for:
 Maintaining the accounting records (bookkeeping) for the Society using
Quickbooks (already in use).
 Making payments, including ensuring contractors are compensated in a
timely manner.
 Processing donations, grants, and other revenues such as consignment
 In conjunction with the Program Manager maintain the necessary
records to report appropriately to granting agencies in a timely manner.

 Prepare the annual budget for approval by the Board and for
presentation at the Annual General Meeting.
 Prepare and submit necessary reports to BC Registries and the Canada
Revenue Agency in a timely manner. 
 Claim recoverable GST on a regular/as-needed basis.
Typically, there are about 15 transactions per month (including both revenue
and expense transactions).
Skills and Qualifications
Ideally, the successful applicant will be a CPA.  Two or more years
experience/knowledge in managing the financial affairs of a business or not-
for-profit or charitable organization would be an asset.
Skills to be successful include:  Analysis, Decision-Making/Prioritizing,
Accountability, Counting, Calculating, Estimating
once per month in the evening for 2 – 3 hours (2 nd Tuesday of the month). 
The Treasurer is also a member of one of the Board sub-committees:
Finance, Risk, and Governance (FRG) which meets remotely 1/month on an
as-needed basis.
Minimum Duration 3 months or less
Timing Anytime
Age 1+
Ideal for An Individual
Transportation On a bus route
Area(s) of Interest Boards/Committees, Leadership/Management, Accounting/Finance
Skill(s) Analysis, Financial Planning, Decision-Making/Prioritizing, Calculating, Managing Money
How to Apply
Application Link:
Website http://www.wear2start.com
Email Send an Email Message
Contact Zoey Wells
Phone 2505149222
Address 733 Johnson Street Victoria, V8W 2G1


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