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Position #: 2113
OrganizationInnovativeCommunities.Org Foundation
Position: Operations Support Co-ordinator
Impact Statement: 100% volunteer - 100% donations to the Community Initiative - 100% transparent
Build relationships first, then task if required.
Take risks to innovate.
Do not let ideology affect our relationships.
Share with the World our Research, Projects and Initiatives whether successful or not.
And remember, ...above all, we are Friends working together…
Description: The successful applicant will be working as the key interface between the Chief Operating Officer (Lead - ICO Operations Group) and ICO Community Initiative Leads and supporting Team Members. In addition the Operations Support Co-ordinator will work collegially with the other ICO Groups in the Foundation and especially will work closely and collegially with the ICO Institute in the evaluation and design of potential ICO Community Initiatives. The Operations Support Co-ordinator performs in a senior confidential role within the Foundation and will take on mutually agreed specific tasks in addition to “steady state” co-ordination of the Support function of the Operations group. The theme of this role is to “Make-it-Happen” with global collaboration and innovation.
Training Details: Volunteer Time Required:
It is estimated that the pro-bono volunteer will share their skills and knowledge 4-6+ hours per week depending on flow and capacity. This will be undertaken online, by phone and or group meetings as required. There is no requirement for regular attendance at a fixed office.
Working Conditions: The Operations Group is responsible for ensuring all ICO initiatives are managed according to the ICO Vision and Mission and works collegially throughout the Foundation and ICO Communities. The ICO Operations Group is responsible for developing sustainability within global communities by stressing friendship and innovative community development Initiatives.
Minimum Duration: 4 - 6 months
Timing: Weekday - Daytime, Weekend - Daytime
Time Detail: 4-6 hours per week
Age: 16+
Ideal for: An Individual
Transportation: On a bus route
Accessibility: Accessible work space
Area(s) of Interest: Communication/Public Relations, Leadership/Management, Office Work
Skill(s): Analysis, Change Management, Project Management, Problem Solving
How to Apply
Application Link:
Website: http://www.innovativecommunities.org/
Email: Send an Email Message
Contact: Ligia
Address: 300 – 722 Cormorant Street Victoria, V8W 1P8
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