Our Mission
About the Position
Position #: 2352
OrganizationVictoria Health Co-op
Position: Website Manager - On-going
Location: At a mutually convenient coffee shop
Impact Statement: To promote wellness, for our members and community, acknowledging the importance of the social determinants of health and the desirability of maintaining wellness so that we minimize our need for medical and surgical services.
Description: Website Manager

Two wonderful volunteers created and continued to work on the Victoria Health Co-op website. It is time to invite another, or others, to take over this work. Our co-op works enthusiastically, focusing on wellness and health.

Are you technically competent and creative, fluent in WordPress? Are you interested to adapting and maintaining our website to help us support wellness for our members and community? Do you enjoy the co-operative approach to community activities? Talk with us!

Vanessa, Chair 250.415.9272 vichealthcoop@gmail.com
Training Details: We can provide whatever information you would like about co-operatives, our co-op, health co-ops in general in and beyond Canada. We can provide some support in terms of cor-ordination with other social media. We need someone who is already expert in WordPress although our WordPress super-expert has time to give OCCASIONAL support.
Working Conditions: Meetings with Vanessa (usually in a community-owned coffee shop), participating in some Board meetings. Generally at home on your own schedule. Occasionally there is need for some change in a hurry. We try to avoid panics!
Minimum Duration: 7 - 12 months
Timing: Anytime
Time Detail: Estimating 2 hrs of meeting and planning initially, then the technical work (I will not risk an estimate for that) and then sporadic meetings or discussion as needed.
Age: 18+
Ideal for: An Individual
Transportation: On a bus route
Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible washroom, Accessible work space
Area(s) of Interest: Communication/Public Relations
Skill(s): Collaboration, Public and Media Relations, Plan & Co-ordinate, Web Design, Creating
How to Apply
Application Link:
Website: http://www.victoriahealthcooperative.com
Email: Send an Email Message
Contact: Vanessa Hammond
Phone: 2504159272
Address: 380 Cook St Victoria, V8V 3X7
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