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About the Position
Position # 2452
OrganizationInnovativeCommunities.Org Foundation
Position Lead - Membership Services Team
Impact Statement 100% volunteer - 100% donations to the Community Initiative - 100% transparent
Build relationships first, then task if required and take risks to innovate.
Do not let ideology affect our relationships.
...above all, we are Friends working together…

The Overall Objective of ICO is to build innovative communities to enable global friendship and understanding.
Description The Lead - Membership Services Team proactively builds, encourages and enhances global relationships through an online and personal presence to build and manage a state-of-the-art organizational function to ensure an integrated global approach to engagement. The Lead especially works collegially within the Engagement Group to ensure a positive strategic human motivational climate within ICO. Actively participates with the oversight and workings of the organization and provides mentorship and support to all Team Members in addition to the Team Members of the Membership Services Team.

The applicant should have a background or studies in business especially human resource management and be comfortable in multicultural environments. Multilingual candidates are much appreciated.

The successful candidate should be an organized and proactive thinker who enjoys challenges and can think creatively.
Training Details Ongoing training and support
Minimum Duration 7 - 12 months
Timing Anytime
Time Detail It is expected that the pro-bono volunteer in this role will require an average of approximately 4+ hours per week depending on experience and availability.
Age 19+
Ideal for An Individual
Transportation On a bus route
Accessibility Support Newcomers and ESL
Area(s) of Interest Boards/Committees, Leadership/Management, Office Work
Skill(s) Coaching, Community Knowledge/Awareness, Motivate Others, Thought Leadership (Innovation), Accountability
How to Apply
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Website http://www.innovativecommunities.org/
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