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Position # 2886
OrganizationGreater Victoria Performing Arts Festival
Position Board Member - Awards Portfolio
Location 21-21 Dallas Road
Impact Statement The Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival Association is a volunteer-based organization.  We are dedicated to working with performing arts educators to develop artistic skills and a love of the performing arts for all ages and skill levels in music, dance and speech arts. 

Our annual community festival provides reputable professionals who foster inclusion, education and performance opportunity during adjudicated sessions.  We celebrate participation, achievement and excellence through a series of special concerts and an awards program.
Description Responsibilities:
Maintaining a relationship with all award donors.
Soliciting existing donors each year.
Soliciting potential new donors.
Thanking/acknowledging donations.
Allocating award monies to specific awards, and within the performing arts disciplines according to the wishes of the donor, and in consultation with Section Heads.
Proofreading all publicity where awards are acknowledged, to ensure accuracy.
Allocating available money for travel subsidy to Provincials, if there is funding provided by donors and/or Festival.
Approving and allocating any available funds for school bussing subsidies.
Managing the Designated Accounts in accordance with the donors' wishes with regard to annual award allocations and chosen discipline. When necessary, liaises with the Board of Directors, the Treasurer and/or the Accountants to ensure sound management of the designated funds.
Preparing for reporting at Board and committee meetings.
Training Details Mentorship with current Awards Portfolio holder
Minimum Duration More than 1 year
Timing Weekday - Evening
Age 19+
Ideal for An Individual
Transportation On a bus route
Area(s) of Interest Arts/Culture, Children/Youth
Skill(s) Public and Media Relations, Plan & Co-ordinate, Fund Development, Managing Money
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Website http://www.gvpaf.org
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Contact Fuchsia Shier
Phone 250-386-9223
Address 21 Dallas Road Victoria, V8V 4Z9
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