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Position # 3025
OrganizationVictoria Sexual Assault Centre
Position Support Worker Volunteer - Sexual Assault Response Team
Impact Statement The purpose of SART is to provide survivors of recent sexualized assault with emotional support and information on the community resources available to them. This requires Support Worker volunteers to liaise with hospital and police staff (as requested by the survivor) to support the survivor in accessing the services of their choice. Support may be offered over the phone, or in person at Victoria General Hospital, any of the local police departments, or at the Victoria Sexual Assault Clinic (operated by VSAC). Our Clinic is the only fully integrated sexualized assault clinic in western Canada, meaning that a survivor can access support, medical services, and police reporting all at the Clinic.
Description SART Support Worker Responsibilities
• Provide an immediate support response at VSAC’s Clinic, the Victoria General Hospital and/or a police station to recent (0-30 days) survivors (all genders, 13+) of a sexualized assault, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day
• Provide phone support to sexualized assault survivors
• Provide information regarding medical and forensic examination procedures, options for reporting to police, follow up support for survivor, and links to counselling and victim services at VSAC
• Liaise and consult with the Forensic Nurse Examiners (FNE) and the police (if involved)
• Provide information and support to family and friends of the survivor
Training Details Training will take place on Tuesday and some Wednesday evenings from September 14th until December 7th. For more details, see the attached PDF "Application file" or visit: http://bttr.im/tkkmg

COVID-19 Planning
This training is typically delivered all in-person over 3 months, including trips to Victoria General Hospital and the Victoria Police Department. Due to COVID-19, those trips are to be determined.
Training will be delivered via a combination of in-person and Zoom sessions, and through self-paced online modules. The training cohort may be separated into two groups to make social distancing possible.

Dependent on governmental guidelines and the safety of meeting in person, the training could condense to Tuesday evenings only, and have all trainees meeting together in-person instead of on Zoom or in separate, smaller groups. Applicants will be updated as new safety information develops.
Working Conditions SART includes team members from Forensic Nurse Examiners and all Police Detachments. VSAC volunteers work both independently and as part of the team. Work will take place at the VSAC Clinic, Hospital, Police Station or other community agency in mixed indoor environments. Volunteers will provide emotional support over the phone from their home on a VSAC provided cell phone. This position requires overnight shift work and being on call for between 8-16 hrs, carrying a pager.
Minimum Duration More than 1 year
Timing Weekday - Evening, Weekend - Daytime, Weekend - Evening
Age 19+
Ideal for An Individual
Transportation On a bus route
Accessibility Accessible work space
Area(s) of Interest Caring Support, Health Care/Emergency
Skill(s) Cultural Awareness/Sensitivity, Interpersonal Communication, Time Management, Sensitivity, Empathy
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Website http://www.vsac.ca
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