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OrganizationLifetime Networks
Position Network Friend 2022-16 - Volunteer to Build A Friendship with a person with diverseabilities (COVID - low or no contact)

Lifetime Networks Vision

We see a future where people with disabilities live safely in their communities, where they can fulfill their potential, and enjoy lifelong friendships and support.

Lifetime Networks Mission

We build and maintain Networks of lifetime friendships to support people with disabilities.

Lifetime Networks Values

Lifetime Networks values and demonstrates:

Person rather than program centred planning
A commitment to maintaining Networks for the lifetime of the person being supported
Accessibility to services with no eligibility restrictions
Respectfulness through recognition and celebration of the inherent worth of each person
Financial responsibility by working diligently to keep services and supports cost effective and affordable
Volunteerism through belief in the importance of unpaid relationships in the lives of people we support
Lifetime friendships and support for people with disabilities
Description We are looking for an easy-going female volunteer who is interested in building a committed friendship with a woman in her mid-60s living in a care home. We are building a small circle of supportive friends who are committed to hanging out with her once or twice a month.

She has a great sense of humour and would love to spend time with animals, watch documentaries or comedy movies, cycling (with a specific apparatus signed out of her care home), accessing audiobooks, swimming, and listening to music (but not country or opera!). She is diabetic so this should be considered when having meals or snacks.

Volunteers should be aware that she has challenges with her sight and mobility. Although she needs some guidance, she dislikes when people push her chair or otherwise take over as she values her independence.
COVID-19 Vaccination Required Yes
Training Details Contact Emily at volunteer@LNV.ca or 250-477-4112 ext 202 for details.
Minimum Duration More than 1 year
Timing Anytime
Time Detail A visit once or twice each month.
Age 19+
Ideal for An Individual
Transportation On a bus route
Area(s) of Interest Caring Support
Skill(s) Interpersonal Communication, Empathy, Respect
How to Apply
Application File:
Website http://www.lifetimenetworks.org
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Contact Emily Mayberry
Phone 250 477 4112
Address 2553 Quadra St Victoria, V8T 4E1
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