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Position # 3952
OrganizationDiverters Foundation
Position Board Member
Impact Statement The Diverters Foundation is dedicated to creating economic opportunities, de-stigmatizing diverting*, diverting waste into recycling, and promoting social cohesion among members of the diverter community. The organization’s goals are to deliver community programs to help provide skills and economic opportunities for marginalized people in Victoria.

*Diverting (also known as binning, waste picking, or bottle collection) involves bottle collection, waste picking, or binning to earn income and divert waste into recycling instead of the landfill.
Description Join our board and help steer a small grassroot organisation that help waste pickers in the CRD.

As the highest leadership body of the organization and to satisfy its fiduciary duties, the board is
responsible for:
 determining the mission of the organization and understanding its collective purpose
 selecting, supporting, and evaluating the performance of the Managing Director
 strategic and organizational planning
 ensuring strong fiduciary oversight and financial management
 fundraising and resource development
 approving and monitoring the organization’s programs and services
 enhancing the organization’s public image
 assessing its own performance as the governing body of the organization
 ensuring legal and ethical integrit
Training Details tbh
Working Conditions Work from home and if you want participate in event.
Minimum Duration 7 - 12 months
Timing Weekday - Evening
Age 19+
Ideal for An Individual
Transportation On a bus route
Area(s) of Interest Boards/Committees, Communication/Public Relations, Events/Fundraising
Skill(s) Collaboration, Cultural Awareness/Sensitivity, Communicate in Plain Language, Systems Thinking, Strategic Thinking, Accountability
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Website https://www.thediverters.ca
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Address 1531 Pear Street Victoria, V8P 2A2
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