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About the Position
Position #: 1174
OrganizationRocky Point Bird Observatory
Position: Sewing bird bags
Impact Statement: Your contribution helps with the daily monitoring of bird migration in the Greater Victoria Area, and is a super way to contribute to Citizen Science
Description: Your bird bags will be used to keep birds safe, dry and warm while they are being transported from the nets to the bird banding table. At Rocky Point Bird Observatory, we wash the bags after each use to minimize risk of transferring pathogens between birds. The frequent washing increases the wear and tear on the bags. Since we occasionally have more than 175 birds to band in a day and we need several days’ supply of bags on hand, we are in constant need of replacements. Thank you for helping us keep our stock up!
Training Details: A sample, cotton materials, and instructions will be provided
Working Conditions: This volunteer position can be done in your own home.
A working sewing machine and thread of any colour needed
Minimum Duration: 3 months or less
Timing: Anytime
Time Detail: Flexible, needed by the end of September
Age: 1+
Ideal for: An Individual, A Group, ESL/EAL
Transportation: On a bus route
Area(s) of Interest: Animals/Pets, Gardening/Environment
Skill(s): Creative Thinking, Flexibility, Calculating, Measuring, Creating
How to Apply
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Website: http://rpbo.org
Email: Send an Email Message
Contact: Ann
Address: 1581 Hillside Avenue Victoria, V8T 2C1
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