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Position #: 1429
OrganizationSouthern Vancouver Island Nature Trails Society
Position: Trail Builder - Natural Surface Trail Building
Impact Statement: By helping us to build safe, sustainable, accessible nature trails for the community, you can make it easier for people to access our parks, the forest, lakes, rivers, streams, meadows, marshes, mountain tops and the ocean to enjoy our natural environment. This reduces stress and promotes responsible stewardship of our remaining natural areas.
Description: Volunteer Trail Builders can help with digging in the dirt, moving rocks, carrying buckets of dirt or rocks. Other activities might include clipping and moving bushes, and carrying lumber for bridges.
We work outside in forested areas.
Training Details: We will provide all training on site.
Working Conditions: We work outside in the forest all year long, so the weather can range from very hot days to very cold and wet ones. We are driving distance to a formal bathroom.
Proper sturdy footwear is required and work or gardening gloves are recommended. Please bring water.
Minimum Duration: 3 months or less
Timing: Weekday - Evening, Weekend - Daytime
Time Detail: We work Saturdays from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.
As well as evening shifts between 3pm and 8pm.
Please check for specific projects and timing.
Age: 11+
Ideal for: An Individual, A Group, ESL/EAL
Transportation: Car required
Accessibility: Support Newcomers and ESL
Area(s) of Interest: Gardening/Environment, Recreation/Sports
Skill(s): Stewardship, Respect, Continuous Learning, Self-Motivation, Constructing, Building
How to Apply
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Website: http://NatureTrailsSociety.com
Email: Send an Email Message
Contact: Daniel Cammiade
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