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About the Position
Position #: 1764
OrganizationDisaster Aid Canada (Soap for Hope is a program of DAC)
Position: Soap Reprocessing Volunteer - Soap for Hope
Location: 426 William Street, Victoria, BC, Canada
Impact Statement: By collecting used products from the hotel and accommodations industry, we divert waste from our landfills and provide an essential service to local shelters. Our service to the community means keeping people happy and dignified and at the same time reducing the strain on the resources of organizations that focus on housing and feeding marginalized people. In 2017 alone we diverted hundreds of thousands of plastic bottles and bars of soap from entering the Victoria Landfill! All of these diverted hygiene products were donated back to our community to local shelters, seniors, schools and families.
Description: Our Program is extremely labor intensive and could not exist without the support of our amazing volunteers! Every bottle and bar of soap that comes into our warehouse has to be handled at least 10 times to get it in like new condition.

Typical processes in our warehouse include:

-Sorting product that has just come in from hotels
-Standing up bottles to determine the level of product used
-Squeezing out bottles that are under halfway full (all emptied bottles are recycled through Alpine Recycling)
-Topping up bottles using plastic syringes
-Washing full bottles
-Scraping bars of Soap
-Assembling 5 piece hygiene kits
-Cutting Labels for hygiene kits
-Washing bins/ buckets that are used for collecting hygiene amenities
-Sorting, folding and counting linens
-Bagging and labeling linens
Training Details: We take all our volunteers on a quick tour and our head volunteer explains each task before they are assigned. After a few sessions, Volunteers should be able to carry out tasks with little to no instruction. However, our head volunteer is always on site to get you set up with the next task or answer any questions.
Working Conditions: Volunteers can join in on the conversation and meet other great people, or relax and listen to a podcast or music! We try to have a very easy going environment, any lifting that needs to be done can be done in teams. Due to space, most volunteers will have to be able to stand for extended periods of time as we only have a few chairs.
Minimum Duration: 3 months or less
Timing: Weekday - Daytime
Time Detail: Mondays and Wednesdays 9:30 - 2:30
Age: 12+
Ideal for: An Individual, A Group, ESL/EAL
Transportation: On a bus route
Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible entrance, Accessible work space, Support Newcomers and ESL
Area(s) of Interest: Children/Youth, Senior Services, Recycling
Skill(s): Verbal Communication, Time Management, Respect, Counting, Estimating
How to Apply
Application Link:
Website: http://www.disasteraid.ca
Email: Send an Email Message
Contact: Bryce Reynolds
Phone: 1-250-331-3353
Address: 426B William Street Victoria, V9A 3Y9


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