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Position #: 2528
Position: Team Lead - Facial MoCap - August 10 - Graham Qually - Facial MoCap
Impact Statement: KRE8Studio Invites celebrated guests in animation and media to give small workshops and seminars in a "Ted Talks" environment.We want to inspire teach and support participants to create original material and refine and develop their skills through participation with experts in the field. We provide a fun and affordable option as participants can still accommodate their professional or study schedule while coming to KRE8! Ongoing mentorship is offered for those interested in making product for the burgeoning digital and online industries.
Description: - Communication with venue
- Organize: operational time line for event
- Instructor travel
- Supervise set up /assist physical Set up
- Liaise with the other volunteers and lead contacts
- Confirm locations
- Personal assistant: Instructor ( Graham Qually) personal needs for event assessed and met
- Liaise with other team members
Training Details: ORIENTATION
Working Conditions: In doors
Minimum Duration: Special event
Timing: Weekday - Daytime
Time Detail: 6 hours
Special Event Start Date: 2019-08-10
Special Event End Date: 2019-08-10
Age: 19+
Ideal for: An Individual, A Group
Transportation: On a bus route
Area(s) of Interest: Arts/Culture, Technology, Special Events
Skill(s): Customer Service, Verbal Communication, Plan & Co-ordinate, Problem Solving, Accountability
How to Apply
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Email: Send an Email Message
Contact: Mark Turner
Phone: 1 250 748-0968
Address: https://kre8studio.com Victoria, V8T 2C1
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