Our Mission

Welcome to Volunteer Victoria. We inspire and raise new generations of volunteers; support volunteer-led organizations, groups and projects; provide tools and training to volunteers and staff; and create opportunities that do not exist anywhere else in Greater Victoria.

Volunteering during COVID-19 is not volunteering as usual, but there are still many ways to help.

  • If you are a person with clinical skills, such as a retired or previously licensed nurse, doctor, person with skills in lab-work, or visiting health care professional, please connect with Island Health at TemporaryVolunteer@viha.ca
  • If you want to volunteer under the umbrella of Volunteer Victoria, please register here! Volunteer Victoria will connect you with people who need support, or you may be called into service by local municipalities, community organizations, or health authorities.
  • Helping your neighbours is volunteering! One of the best and fastest ways to help is by volunteering informally and checking in with your neighbours. Since we do not know who might need help, when, and in what ways, it is important that we work together to ensure that the people who need help, get help.
  • If you, a friend or family members needs help from a volunteer please call Volunteer Victoria at 250.386.2269 or e-mail volvic@volunteervictoria.bc.ca

Please take a look at the volunteering during COVID-19 guidelines for top tips on volunteering and helping safely.

Volunteer Victoria is also offering daily orientation sessions via an online platform for volunteers who want to learn more about volunteering during COVID-19. Learn more or register here.

Who Needs Our Help During COVID-19?

The short answer is - needs change constantly. Many of the most vulnerable people in our community who needed services before COVID-19 were connected to existing programs and services. Some of these programs are still partially operating, but many have closed, and indivdiuals and families who have never needed the support of a volunteer before COVID-19 suddently find themselves in need. 

The most common volunteer service requests will be to provide:

  • reassurance check-ins with people to help reduce isolation
  • regular and repeat supports for individuals and families who are medically fragile and home-bound
  • one-time, or infrequent help for people needing a little extra support with a problem

All of these activities must be completed with COVID-19 prevention at the front of mind each and every time someone volunteers and connects with another person.

Everyone deserves an opportunity to volunteer but not everyone wants the same volunteer position. This is why we post hundreds of volunteer positions that change from week to week. 

To search volunteer listings click on "all positions" or click one of the other buttons below to help narrow down your search. You can also click the help button for more information.

If you want help to find the right volunteer position please book an advising appointment with a volunteer specialist. There is no cost to meet with a volunteer advisor and we serve people of all ages and stages of life. 

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